You Are Valuable

Look around, what do you see!?
Me, I see a wonderful person who is going to change the world with one smile at a time. A person who is beautiful inside and out. Someone is very special and valuable.
Now, you may think wow thank you so much or yeah right you have no idea what I’ve been through. Well I have some news for you. It doesn’t matter because you are valuable. There is nothing you can do to taint or increase your valuable. Why is that? Because value is found in the beholder. And who is your beholder. Well depending on who you allow to speak value into your life plays a major roll. Are you allow that still small voice say to you every morning how beautiful and amazing you are, or are you allowing society to tell you who you are.
This brings me to main point, we must be careful who speaks into our lives. Why? Well, I don’t know about you but I enjoy encouragement and praise. It makes me feel good, and it does help me feel victorious. Everyone I know loves encouragement, so be cautious and selective on who speaks to you and gives you value.
For me, the only that gives me my value is my big heavenly Daddy. I know there is nothing I can do or say to taint my value. Why? Because his wonderful son came to earth and restored the value for us forever. I always have value in His sight because I’m defined by Jesus’ value. Who’s value is defining you?


Dealing with Change

Change is sometimes a hard thing to bare. Seasons of transition can be sticky and they tend to bring out the best or worse in a person. Be the one that shines during this season. If your going through some change and having a hard time be encouraged…

I Heard you’ve been a little discouraged lately, don’t be. I know it’s hard right now with your family and this change. But realize it’s hard on their end too. They may not show it in an easy way to understand but this change is affecting them too. Some people just ignore the issue thinking that will avoid the pain of facing when in fact it worsens it. Just be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is a gift of the spirit, one we all desperately need. Keep leaning on Him and he will always guide you, comfort you, and be there for you, always.
Remember to pray and encourage your family and those around you during this time. They need you just as much as you need them. Leave little notes of love and appreciation. Buy flowers or something small to show you are thinking of them today. Remember to always be you, and to show love!
Be Bold. Go Love!

Saying Goodbye…

Who likes saying goodbye? Certainly not me. Especially when you’ve developed so many great friendships and have deeply invested in people, it is hard to say goodbye. Currently I am finishing up a school year at bethel school of supernatural ministry and have made several amazing friends and some very close friends, who I will not see for a long time. Having to say goodbye to some of them is going to be painful. I have spent some time with the Holy Spirit and said to Him,”you’re going to have to help me through this because saying goodbye this time is way to hard.”
If you’re anything like me, being a fierce lover is amazing, but super hard when the season is changing and it’s time to let go. However, thanks to God, who is best lover of all, is walking me through this process and giving me great advice.
The first bit of advice that truly helped me is just because the season is changing doesn’t mean you have to stop loving those amazing people you would do anything for. Holy Spirit reminded of how during different seasons of my life He communicated with me differently. In one season, my quiet time was the best, in another I couldn’t get enough of His word, and yet in another season He spoke so loudly through my community. So realize that the season is changing and the way you communicate love will change, but you still love. So if you like to give gifts, maybe mailing something out once and a whole, or perhaps your friend loves of words of encouragement so send them lots of love letters and beautiful texts. The second bit of advice is to never stop praying for them, in fact now that they are moving on pray harder. You can always change their world through pray and intercession. Prayer is so powerful, don’t forget that!
Lastly, the most important point to realize is to go up from here. In other words, you will meet other people who are just as amazing or even more amazing as the ones that are moving. During this season no one likes to think of that, but that will help you look forward. As for me, God restored the standard of friendship for me. So I standing on that standard and using that to seek out others in this new season. Lastly, let yourself cry. It is hard to say goodbye so do not bottle up your emotions just let it come out. We all know bottling up our emotions and feelings are bad, so just let them out. You may have wear a lot of waterproof mascara and carry tissues but it’s best to just let them out. Trust me, you will be happy you did later. Crying is a physical representation of inner progress.
So besides crying your eyes out remember to think of ways to still love your loved ones in this new season, look at the future with hope, keep praying for them, and invite the Holy Spirit to walk with you through this journey. He is the best lover, so he can walk you through this.